WakenoKiyomaro which began to be evaluated

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WakenoKiyomaro which began to be evaluated
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Although banished at once, Dokyo is banished, when changed
and Emperor Kammu accedes to the throne after the Emperor Shotoku death
in the place where this time of the world also changing is interesting
Instead, WakenoKiyomaro is estimated to have protected the Tenno system very much,
and is attached to about [ high ].
Moreover, Emperor Kammu aims at a political reform,
and he has schemed for the transfer of the capital in order to omit the aristocrat
and priest who have been degenerated under power.
In the case of the transfer of the capital,
WakenoKiyomaro manages the important duty of the Heiankyo erection actor qualified to play
the protagonist in noh play, and mentions extraordinary distinguished services.
Although the Nagaokakyo transfer of the capital goes wrong after that,
the transfer of the capital will be finally completed from Heijokyo to Heiankyo.
In this way, although the Nara period will finish and the Heian period will open a curtain,
it will be said that WakenoKiyomaro had managed the role in the very important history at that time.