A Dokyo incident and WakenoKiyomaro

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A Dokyo incident and WakenoKiyomaro
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The thing famous as an incident in which WakenoKiyomaro was involved is a Dokyo incident (769 years).
Although Kiyomaro had received queen Emperor Shotoku's love with the elder sister,
Emperor Shotoku who planned the pope Dokyo who was also a lover to set on the Emperor
although it was not the imperial family's blood those days,
If you think that he will set Dokyo on the Emperor, in order to convince him of a man of power,
Mr. Fujiwara, it is considered that there is no other way but to be given of God of the Usa shrine,
Although usage was made to do WakenoKiyomaro for the divine message of God of the Usa shrine
as like in slight accuracy, since expectation was that the contents should exclude Dokyo on the contrary,
Disappointed Emperor Shotoku will banish WakenoKiyomaro and her elder sister's Hiromusi.
It seems that why Emperor Shotoku tried to make Dokyo the Emperor does not have a child,
and it says because there was a succeeding problem.