The name of Fujino, Wake-cho

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The name of Fujino, Wake-cho
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It is said that the name of Fujino, Wake-cho
was not Fujino but Fujiwara from the first.
It is said that OtohikoOh which is equivalent to the ancestor of WakenoKiyomaro rustled,
and it improved distinguished services, obtained and settled and had called the ground of here
Wake the Fujiwara prefecture from Empress Jingu those days.
However, it is said that Fujiwara was changed into Fujino since it became difficult by Mr. Fujiwara's rise
to bear Fujiwara's name.
I also regard the name of a town of Wake-cho as it being certain to originate in the Wake Mr. family
who is prosperous on the background in Mimasaka and Bizen since WakenoKiyomaro.